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In 1974, Mr. Claus Germann Petersen founded Germann Instruments with the introduction of the LOK-TEST pullout system for measuring the actual in-situ compressive strength of concrete for new construction. He soon followed that up with the CAPO-TEST for use on hardened concrete and the BOND-TEST for adhesion and tensile strength. All three utilize the LOK-TEST calibrated hydraulic jack and have been in continuous production since their inception. Their longevity is a tribute to their validity and acceptance in the concrete industry.

Additional systems for on-site investigation have been added to form a well-rounded product line. Innovations include the Rapid Chloride Test for determining the chloride content of concrete structures in their actual environment, the GalvaPulse for corrosion rate mapping of steel reinforcement, the Doctor Impact-Echo and complementary s’MASH Impulse Response Test for investigation and condition surveys for structural integrity, along with the newest high tech instrument, the MIRA Ultrasound Tomographer.

Germann Instruments has also increased their commercial footprint by marketing equipment for measuring and evaluating concrete mixes for a variety of properties, most notably the Proove-it for chloride ion penetration tests, the Merlin for bulk conductivity and resistivity, the Air Void Analyzer for determining the air void structure in relation to freeze/thaw protection, and the only portable rheometer on the market, the ICAR Plus.

In general, the test systems cover varied aspects of concrete construction, such as:

Mission Statements


Germann Instruments has been at the forefront in the on-site non-destructive investigation of concrete structures, introducing innovative systems for determining their true condition.


Germann Instruments has brought to market systems for optimizing key properties of concrete mixes, either for research/development purposes or for cost savings while ensuring the concrete is delivered to job sites within project specifications.

Condition assessment

It is a matter of properly utilizing on-site evaluation systems and recommending the optimum course of action to either rehabilitate or remove current infrastructure such as bridges, highways, and buildings that can pose a danger to civilians or other structures.

Germann instruments worldwide distributors

Germann Instruments’ dealer network help to supply and support our products around the globe. Skilled people with strong expertise will be happy to meet your needs. Please contact us for an authorized dealer in your country.

Germann Instruments’ president, Mr. Claus Petersen, created the NDTitans, an international group of highly specialized, skilled and dedicated engineers and scientists with deep knowledge in concrete science and many years testing experience on all types of concrete structures. The NDTitans are driven by a culture of collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit, internally and in relation to clients. Contact them for assistance in consulting or professional services in nondestructive testing of concrete. They can be reached at http://www.ndtitans.com.

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Claus Germann Petersen

President of Germann Instruments

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Danish Engineering Academy
M.Sc. Economics, Copenhagen Business School

Besides opening Germann Instruments in 1974, Mr. Petersen also started the Copenhagen Business School’s two-year, post-graduate course in Entrepreneurship and Start-Up of High- Tech Small Businesses. He was its professor from 1974-1985.

He established In-Situ Testing of Copenhagen in 1978 doing field investigations. For the 20 years of its existence, Mr. Petersen acquired extensive experience in the applications of many test systems.

For over 30 years, he has lectured on NDT methods worldwide for governments, universities, and private institutions. Mr. Petersen has held training courses, seminars and workshops on nondestructive testing and evaluation in several countries.

He is the author of many papers and books on in-place testing of reinforced concrete structures. His work has led to several awards, e.g. the Professor Ostenfeld Gold medal from the Danish Society for Structural Science and Engineering.

Mr. Petersen is a long-time member of ACI Committee 228 on Nondestructive Testing of Concrete and the RILEM Technical Committee on Non-destructive Testing.